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From: Ian
Subject: Extra Tuition gay/adult-youthExtra Tuition
by lefthandedjerker.
(m/b b/b)This is my first attempt at a faintly erotic story and it's intended forbidden little lolita nude for
grown ups - if you're underage, undersized, malnourished or overweight then
there are probably other, better things you should be doing with your time.The hero of my story did exist exactly as I have described him. We were
roughly the same age and I went to a boarding school (which sadly has
closed) with him eons ago. Apart from that the story is pure fiction and
none of the events ever actually happened - although you may believe
differently, that's your privilege.If you enjoy the story then thank Booya (author of the exceedingly wankable
Skinny Dipping series) for encouraging me to write it. If you don't enjoy
it, I'm sorry - just move on life's too short...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------'Uncle Matt, aren't these PE shorts a bit too tight?' Owen asked, twisting
around to view his butt in the fitting room mirror. Not from where I'm
sitting, thought Matt, as he admired the snug fit of the white, almost
see-through, cloth stretched over his 11yr old nephew's perfect bubble
They were busy buying all the clothes on the list for Owen's new
boarding school. Curiously his Uncle had paid little attention loli cherry model yng
as they
worked their way through the basic stuff like sweatshirts, a blazer, grey
shirts and socks. But the moment they got round to underwear, grey short
trousers, speedos and games shorts Matt gave them his undivided attention,
insisting that Owen try samples of all these items, starting with the
'Mummy always bought me Aertex pants,' Owen said and then his face
started to crumple. Matt, slipped an arm round the boy's slim shoulders.
'Come on, little guy!'
It was only a month since Owen's parents had both died in an air
crash and Matt, a gay, slim 28yr old blond with an untapped lust after
young boys which dated back to his own schooldays, had found himself in the
unexpected position of being appointed as his nephews legal Guardian. Not
having seen the boy since he was around 5 or 6 Matt experienced a lurch in
the pit of his stomach when he first set eyes on Owen at Euston Station.
The boy had inherited the very best characteristics from both his
parents. From his English mother, Matt's much older sister, Owen had got
her high cheek bones, full cupid's bow lips and innocent open face. His
Indian father had given him thick, dark hair and flashing brown eyes. But
the part which took Matt's breath away was that his parents had combined to
give Owen a flawless, honey-coloured skin - a permanent all year round, all
over tan with no white bits, as Matt had discovered during this fitting
Matt handed him a pair of snow white Fruit of the Loom Y-fronts.
'Try these on, Owen,' he suggested. Blushing slightly, Owen slipped off his
drab old pants from under his shirt giving Matt a brief glimpse of a honey
coloured 3.5 inch cock hanging temptingly over a tight ball sack. The fact
that the cock was cut made the almost purple head look like a delicious
lollipop just waiting to be licked and sucked.
All too quickly, for Matt, the sight was lost but a pair of figure
hugging tighty-whities, which contrasted beautifully against his skin and
emphasied the roundness of the boys's thighs, was a fair swop. 'Slip you
shirt off,' Matt said quietly, 'so I can see if you need a different size.'
Always an obedient boy, Owen did as lolita bbs hardcore portal he was told, revealing a pair
of dark brown nipples on a smooth broad hairless chest which ran down to a
narrow waist and curvy hips. Not at muscular body but not a wasted ounce of
flesh on him.Standing in front of his Uncle in nothing but his tight, white
undies Owen looked totally edible.
For Matt, who had felt a moist stirring in his own boxers, it took
a great deal of self control to stop him from licking the boy all over his
succulent skin from head to toe and he could have sworn he wasn't the only
one to suffer some slight arousal - he was positive there was a noticeable
movement down in Owen's own neatly cased little package.
'Turn round,' Matt said quickly to spare the boys embarrassment and
then gulped when he princess lolitas gallery com saw how well the two perfect globes were held snugly by
the white material. Matt almost spontaneously came in his boxers as Owen
casually shifted his weight from hip to hip, causing the fabric to slowly
undulate. By turns Matt was tempted to spank those outrageously tempting
young buttocks and then ease the undies down so he could cup them in his
hands before parting those delicious honey-coloured orbs to allow his
tongue to explore the secret, hairless crack and then use his hot, probing
tongue to tease open.........
Pull yourself together! Matt told himself sternly. You're the boy's
Guardian for Heaven's sake - his ownly living relative. He depends on you
and, how ever much you might be tempted, you have to resist.
'Okay, you'll lolita sex password illegal need six pairs of those,' Matt said a little gruffly.
'Now its the Speedo.'
With baited breath Matt watched as Owen, his back to his Uncle,
slipped off the undies. He was right! The elastic caught on an erect little
cock which made a slapping noise as it shot upwards and hit the boy's
slightly curved stomach. But that wasn't really what caught Matt's
attention. It was the merest glimpse he was given, as Owen bent best lolita listing paysites down to
pick up the discarded undies, of the boys succulent buttocks briefly
parting to reveal a musky, dusky, tight little virgin pucker.
Rubbing his eyes as if a little weary, Matt handed him the tiny
swimming costume he'd chosen. There was no way he would ever allow a boy to
wear shorts and even in Speedos Matt had a very particular taste. Disliking
dark coloured ones, because they hid all the wonderful details he enjoyed
ogling, Matt had first considered red, or perhaps yellow for the boy, but
then he'd spotted a pale lilac pair. The fact that they were possibly at
least one size too small for Owen, made out of barely enough material to
make a man sized paper tissue, convinced Matt more than ever that these
would be ideal for his nubile young loli cherry model yng charge.
As Owen stepped carefully into the costume and slowly drew them up
his hairless thighs, Matt immediately knew they were the perfect colour to
show off the boy's skin and as soon as the fabric was stretched to its
limit over the magnificent bubble butt he could see they were an ideal size
for showing off the boy's greatest asset, they even showed the tiniest hint
of dusky, tempting butt crack. But when Owen turned round and Matt saw that
the silky, lilac material clung to him like a second skin, displaying as if
he was naked a perfect little set of balls with, above them, a totally
erect cock almost plastered to his stomach, so that anyone who gave him the
briefest of glances could see every detail of his cut cock, Matt was
convinced he had totally made the right choice.
Coughing loudly, to cover his confusion and checking his watch,
Matt said, 'Time's getting on! Off with Speedo and try on these white PE
Which was how Owen found himself, without underwear, in the shorts
which fit him like a white glove and emphasised all his very best, most
lip-smacking, features.
'They do seem very tight,' Owen said, slightly wrinkling his pencil
thin jet black eyebrows. 'Mummy always used to buy me large sizes of
clothes to grow into.
Whereas, thought Matt, I'm deliberately buying you ones you'll
positively be bursting out of by half-term.
'Do you really think I could play tennis wearing these?'
Yes, thought Matt, especially without a shirt or any underwear. 'I
know you like tennis but what about other games, say cricket?'
Owen shook his head. 'I don't like games with big hard balls.'
That phrase caused Matt to inwardly moan as he thought about Doug
Milton, a boy he'd explored so many sexy delights with when they were
Owen's age and who was now lucky enough to be PE teacher at their old
school, and, out loud, he said, 'Oh, yes, those shorts are perfect. And
remember, if Mr Milton offers you extra tuition, be sure to accept.'
Owen looked a little puzzled. This phrase "extra tuition" and
variations on it, implying private help, had kept recurring in
conversations with his Uncle while he'd been recommending his old school to
the boy. 'Do you mean coaching?'
'Yes,' Matt agreed. 'Doug Milton's got an excellent wrist action,
which I'm sure he'll be more than willing to show you.'
'Excellent!' Owen grinned, innocently unaware of the lewd thoughts
shooting through his Uncle's mind as he reviewed mental images of his own
time spent with Doug; not only snuggled up together, holding each others
rampant cocks in the dorm, but also trading blow jobs behind the gymn and
with Matt, stark naked, on all fours as Doug fiercely fucked him in the
woods at the end of the games field.
'Oh, yes,' Matt said wistfully, 'if you go to your new school with
an open mind,(and legs, he added mentally) there's no end to the knowledge
and experience that awaits you. And remember, if anyone offers you extra
tutition - always accept. It's the only way of discovering and becoming
really proficent in a wide range of new and exciting skills.'
Still a little confused, the smiling boy assured his Uncle that he
would. 'I promise, I'll grab every best lolita listing paysites opportunity.'
And I'm sure, Matt thought, a little jealously, they'll want to
grab every delicious, succulent little morsel of you from the minute you
walk through the door. 'Now, you'd better get dressed if we're going to
'Could I possibly wear my new school uniform?' Owen pleaded.
'But you might spill food on it.'
'Oh, please! I promise young lolita naked pussy
I'll be really careful.'
Matt knew he'd never been able to rest the pleas of a young boy and
certainly not one as attractive as Owen. 'Oh all right!'
'Thanks, Uncle Matt!' And the boy, still dressed only in his skin
tight shorts, threw his arms round his Uncle and plastered his desirable
young body all over the startled man. Having just realised that the boy's
juicy cock was still erect and was now pressed against his thigh, Matt, not
trusting himself to be responsible for his actions if he stayed so close,
smartly stepped back.
'Hurry up though, or everywhere will be either full, or closed,'
Matt said as he left the fitting room.
Owen was slightly suprised at being pushed away and by his Uncle's
occasionally brusque tone. He had always enjoyed sharing long cuddles with
both his parents but especially his mother's lap. Perhaps, he thought, as
he got dressed in his new clothes, his Guardian wasn't keen on displays of
physical affection. Owen had noticed how Uncle Matt tended to shrink back
whenever they were at all close together. When they'd met at the station
and shook hands his Uncle had snatched his hand away as if he'd been burnt.
It was a shame, because he was already growing very fond of his
handsome Uncle and he really missed having cuddles with his Mum, who Matt
quite resembled. Owen fiercely brushed away the tiny tear which formed in
his eye and, to take his mind the fact that he was now and for ever an
orphan he knelt down to tie his shoe laces. Besides, at least Uncle Matt
hadn't embarrassed him by mentioning his stiff dickie. That had been
happening to Owen a lot lately, especially when he was naked but he really
didn't know why. Before his mother died he'd asked about his dickie getting
so hard all the time and she'd simply replied. 'You'll find out soon enough
when you're older.'
Maybe now he'd never know, because Uncle Matt certainly didn't seem
the sort of czech nude teen loli person you could discuss stiff dickies with - in fact he was
probably too nice a man to have ever had such a thing happen to him, Owen
thought, as he climbed into his blazer. But when he looked in the mirror
and saw how smart he looked in his new clothes Owen's gloomy mood quickly
And so it was that few minutes later a handsome young man was seen
walking the streets of London with an unwittingly sexy 11yr old Eurasian
boy holding on to his hand. The man was carrying a bulging outfitter's
carrier bag and the boy proudly wore his new grey blazer with purple piping
and badge, grey shirt and matching school tie. With that he wore highly
polished black lace up shoes and grey socks, with purple rings, which came
to just below his adorable knees. But the item of the outfit which caught
everyone's eye were the perfectly cut, though slightly tight, thin, smooth,
summer-weight, grey shorts which displayed to advantage such a long length
of his warm, teasing, rounded, honey coloured thighs.
That day in London, a good many men turned to get a departing
glimpse, beneath the vented blazer, of the boy's pert bubble butt, thought
longingly of their own school days and wished they had been lucky enough to
have discovered the wonderful, thrills, sensations and pleasures of
schoolboy sex with such a wonderful boy as Owen. Though many of them, in
their time, from hoards of randy, cock hungry, spunk drinking, ass-grabbing
boys and some teachers too, had enjoyed more than their fair lolita bbs hardcore portal share of
"extra tuition".----------------------------------------------------------------
That's all 4 now - there may be more...............
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